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Kittridge Connection (Kittridge Connection, Inc.) is based in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, and serves clients both nationally and internationally. Bob and Nancy have a passion for connecting with others, breaking down barriers, identifying limiting beliefs, facilitating self discovery, and providing insight on how to design a plan for success.

Are you looking for values based leadership, alignment of mission and vision statements, personal growth or team building? Do you find yourself communicating, but not connecting in your career or life? Our programs and services offer hands-on application and in-depth leadership insight to provide a method for achieving intended results. When people are given the tools and the systems to generate ideas and apply their knowledge, transformation can occur. We emphasize collaboration over competition. Together we can do more!​

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What We offer


Finding Your way

Do You Have a Coach?

A coaching partnership helps you clarify and focus on what is important to you and accelerates your achievement of the success you desire.


Finding Your way

Do you have a need for a compelling, engaging speaker?

We deliver topics that are both engaging and inspiring. From small groups to large audiences.


Butterfly in hands

Are you ready to design your future?

We have a variety of workshops, systems and processes that can bring Transformation to you and your organization.


Man with binoculars

Is it your passion to develop leadership principles in today’s youth?

We have an engaging way for students to get involved and begin their journey of personal growth and leadership development.


Finding Your way

The concept of the “MasterMind alliance” was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich,” though mastermind groups have been around since the beginning of time. Even Benjamin Franklin belonged to such a group, which he called a Junta.



You can't improve, what is not measured.

We can provide several options for assessments from DISC, Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence, Stress and 360 leadership assessments.​

What They Are Saying


Coaching Expereince

Until I met Nancy, I hadn't given a lot of thought to the extent leadership impacts me personally. Working with Nancy has taken my leadership to a whole new level. Nancy is an outstanding communicator and team builder. Working with Nancy has challenged my perception of myself and of others. She has helped to clarify my purpose and vision and added incredible insight to my own career. I highly recommend Nancy Kittridge to help any individual or organization go to the next level.

Darla Harms , Coach, Speaker

Instruction Skills

The superb instruction skill Bob displays is immeasurable. His willingness and ability to educate from a multiplicity of organizational, leadership and operational experiences is exceptional.

Tyler Clements , Outreach Coordinator - Integrated Public Safety Commission - State of Indiana

Fireline Leadership Experience

Bob, along with another bloke, held a 'Fireline Leadership' course in Northern Tasmania Australia and I was lucky enough to have attended this course.

How unique, how inspiring was the teaching style, no boring bits at all!!!!!

Bob has this amazing ability to 'make' you see yourself without you realising it, the bad stuff and the good things that are part of your makeup.

Because of the course and Bob's unique style I did a lot of self reflecting and now I am busy practising 'active listening' techniques, I mean REALLY listening to people and small talk is sooooo much less of a chore for me. And that is only a part of the skills I now practice. Recommend, recommend, recommend!

Nessey Groves , District Fire Captain - Tasminain Fire Service

Coaching Capabilities

Bob is a powerful change agent. When an individual demonstrates the awareness and self-discipline to invest time, money and energy in improving themselves in order to add value and contribute to the success of others, you have found a true leader.

What's more, not only does that description fit perfectly when describing Bob Kittridge, he's demonstrated it in over 30 years of successfully helping people from all levels live into rewarding personal and professional lives.

I've had the personal privilege of teaching and mentoring Bob in the art, skill and practice of professional coaching. The very best leaders also happen to be the very best followers, and Bob continues to show exemplary ability in this field.

Whether you find yourself working with Bob on an individual basis or you're considering his services from an organizational perspective, I can assure you that hiring him will be an intelligent decision that will bring a significant return on your investment.

Christian Simpson , Master Coach & John Maxwell Team Faculty

Facilitation Expertise

Bob is an unbelievably talented facilitator. He works primarily with leaders who are passionate about their work and want to develop themselves and their staff to their fullest potential. He has a step by step process to make this happen and adds accountability and transparency to make sure that the work gets done. His results speak for themselves. He is an excellent leader, speaker, and always has passion on tap. If you want someone with the vision and training expertise to take your organization to the next level, he's an inspired and inspiring person to have leading the charge. I have attended a number of Bob's seminars and mentoring programs, and and they were truly top notch. I highly recommend his training programs.

Amy Lester , Owner, Pantigo Consuting

Talent Insights Assessment

I went from never leading a team of more than 3 to leading a team of 25. Using the Talents Insight Assessment, Bob was able to break down why my skills and communication style had been successful for me teaching entrepreneurship internationally but began to cause struggles once I had 25 college students looking up to me for direction and discipline. I was frustrated that all of my research and previous leadership training was failing me. Bob transformed how I communicate and connect with my team by teaching me how to identify personality types. By understanding personality types I am able to understand communication styles clearly making me a more effective leader. Most importantly, by working with Bob on my leadership and communication skills, it has made my organization stronger and more impactful. Thank you, Bob!

Samuel Thomas Elliott , Student Body President at UCCS

Beyond The Badge Leadership

Bob Kittridge instructed the 'active listening' portion of the 'Beyond the Badge' leadership class I recently attended. Bob instructed in both group and individual settings. His technique was highly effective in both teaching arenas. I was especially impressed and impacted by his nuanced personal coaching methods during this class. I recommend his instruction in all areas related to interpersonal communication.

Cory Mapston , FTO/Sargent San Diego Police Department

Coaching Experience

I was in need of direction for the next steps in my life and also to process through some things that were keeping me "stuck".

I decided to let someone into the struggle I was having in my head and heart - someone to help me sort things out and move forward into a richer, more focused life.

The most important thing I have learned in working with Bob is how much I have operated as a victim. And while this was initially really hard to hear and accept, it has been life-altering and life-giving. I now have the freedom to see it for what it is and choose if I'm going to be a victim or a champion. I regularly choose to be a champion!

I would not be where I am without the work Bob and I have done. I love that he has never told me what to do or what to think or judged me for my faulty thinking. He has asks me good questions, hard questions, and sometimes the perfect question to help me discover (often) what I already knew, but needed someone to help me do the work to get to a realization of what I needed to do or how to resolve something. Bob has challenged me, been my biggest advocate and greatest cheerleader. He is truly gifted in what he does, and I am so thankful for his willingness and joy in using his God-given gifts to help people like me. Thanks, Bob. I look forward to all that the future holds for both of us!

Kami Bowker

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